There are known strategies to know, but there is more where that came from! Each business is different, but some online marketing strategies are the same for everyone. So which strategy is right for you?

Know the “What” is first and foremost, know the “Why”. Why do you have a business at all? If you just say I want to make money, then chances are that you’re only chasing your ego. Do you want to be called an Internet Guru? I have met some that say that, and they don’t succeed well. Have you had that feeling of course? You have seen others have the newsletters or encounter in spades, that they look at other people’s businesses doing what you’re wanting to do and take your money. Now just give me a minute to get to the point. Here’s why wanting to make money is not a strategy.

What is strategy

A strategy is what happens where your products or service are in the process of being sold to others. What I want to show you here is not a technically oriented process. This is a process that is loaded with emotions, fear, and excitement, just like everything else. In short, we want to build something that brings us extreme joy, the extreme joy that can bring us health, happiness, and abundance. If we have one product, that is all we are after whether that product is digital or a tangible item. Why would anyone want one of those products right? Do you think anyone does? I didn’t think so.

How to build the right one

Build it right, and people will come. That’s what we all do. Some build it right and wait for people to come. Then they have to put on a great show so people can then take care of their problem(s) and people will come. Others don’t bother to lay as much groundwork in the beginning. They know that “I can make money promoting my business”. This is all part of their strategy, they are laying the groundwork for people to look at and want what they have to offer straight away.

Get away from the sales letter page and think more in the direction of success, and I’ll hopefully touch on that later.

This may be why the smart word-salespeople don’t use the word “sales” on their marketing-sites. Because it is such a negative term to some. Well, that’s like teaching people how to load their cars before even driving. I know because it did a converting great job. It made me be “salesy”. At least that’s what I thought when I read it. We get pretty good at that stuff we learn a lot by doing that. I think it was a first-class job.

I would like to say that it was a major success it made a lot more money for me then I realize. I can’t say the exact number of pounds, but I don’t think it was more than 50, but that’s the coin. What it made me realize with my business is being able to build online marketing strategies that I can repeat. I keep my eye on the ball and not the tactics I use.

Then when you study your analytics you can calculate the return on investment (ROI.) So that way you know you’re going in the right direction. Everyone who decides to start an online business should get the basics down like the keywords I just mentioned, how to set up a website, and set up the autoresponder thingy so that those things are easily setup.


Where they screw up is that they tend to launch a site or two, make some money, and then set their websites there either. What they should do is set up 3 to 5 authority 10 or maybe high-quality sites, 1 to 2 or 5 to 8 and wait for the checks to come in, the cash to roll in, then they can just double it up. Or if they had set up the authority 10 sites they would have seen a lot more money coming in. So they need to lay the groundwork first like the question earlier “what are online marketing strategies”. Having a business plan and knowing what you’re exactly looking to accomplish before you start. Wanting to make money or want to spread the word about your business.

The visions that come out of thinking about it are so many and varied, but if you were to write them down and have them right in front of you all day long, you would smack yourself in the new cement in front of your face. You would be shocked at how it all fits together. Just like you would not think about them before.

Here’s something I want to share with you: that’s why people call keywords and search terms long-tail keywords. Why they call them specific words in your niche.

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