If you’re new to the online business scene, you may have no idea what pitfalls to avoid when finding a business opportunity. Before signing on the dotted line to some program or buying into a get-rich-quick scheme, always do your homework, and research is what you should devote a nominal amount of time to.

There are 5 worries you must be warier of:

Buying Into an Online Business Program

This is one of the most frequent problems you are likely to encounter. Here’s why?

They say that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. There is a lot of money to be made in the internet marketing industry, but you must have an Ireland head and an exceptionally long agenda.

Here are some of the types of stories you will publish when conducting your research:

Make hay while the sun shines

Many new online business owners buy into a program that promises to make them rich overnight. Of course, you can do this over a short period, but it will likely leave you with a lot of paying bills on the table before you can quit your full-time job. Most programs will require you to put in a lot of time and don’t expect to make much of a profit until you have put a lot of time into the business model.

You will need to pay for the program (usually up to $50-100), but you may have to wait around two months, and then you may not be able to sign up any new members until you pay your fees.

Don’t pay for anything that doesn’t teach you a new skill. There are many people out there who already have the skills you need to be successful. Don’t pay for the skills, but pay for the tools.

You must give regular follow on to grow your business, and it will take a considerable amount of your time. You should aim to find a program that you can buy a monthly subscription and thereby pay for it each month automatically. Then you have you paid for, the last month! Doesn’t this sound convenient?

Making exaggeration of an income will be part of your pitch, even if they don’t have the intention of lying. The key here is to assure your potential audience that you won’t have to quit your job and will not have to pay tens of thousands a year to start making money too.

Bad business models

Many new online business owners tend to concentrate on PPC. They use programs like Google AdWords, and sometimes their revenue will be mainly PPC. The problem with this is that your income will be primarily PPC, and if you’ve done anything else, well, you still need to consistently update and revise the model.

Do you think you will make the same revenue with a PPC model? NO! And this is something you should do extensive research on. You need to find a business model that will generate a revenue stream that doesn’t depend on PPC.

Commissions from affiliate programs

An affiliate program is a situation where you will be paying people a percentage of your revenue for selling their products. These can be some of the worst of the programs to use because they are just selling you your product at a %, rather than simply a commission!

Always remember that the customers you send to a sales page do not have to buy a product directly from you – or anyone else – to complete the sale. Why do you think so many super affiliates pay up to 90% in commissions? They know that if they can find a buyer, they will make 100% of the money!

Warrior forum

The Warrior Forum is a fairly new forum where newbies in internet marketing meet up and find a solution for their problems either from other forum members or through the thousands of questions that are posted.

The problem with the internet market is that there are just too many people imparting “normal” looks and talking to people on a normal basis. You need to find a forum where you can learn the Facts and Figures of the big boys, and you can do this from the start.


If you can’t get these members to stop reading, or if your education is good enough to make them stick around, then it’s time to start worrying.

The bottom line is that these members are not interested in your business, you just want them to continue reading, or even buying from you, and as the old saying goes, you can’t make money out of anything. If you can’t make these members buy, then that becomes your problem.

Don’t be tempted by this – you have to be prepared to make hard decisions, and you shouldn’t adapt to getting rich overnight. The problem with the on-line world is that you are.

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