Should I use the out-of-the-box product for my business or should I use my product? I read with some concern recently that a company hired a team of people to help it sell some non-production items it had bought online.

When the people barely knew how to turn a key, they didn’t know how to package, and it was pretty obvious they were not very eager to talk about their business.

The marketing people were as smart as heck. They looked at their list of contacts to get the names of people who could help them.

They found some names of people who could help them on the spot even as the company was busy using people who weren’t qualified for their jobs, like marketing assistants. This was quite a feat when you consider how the people on the team already knew nothing about it.

Now I am not trying to say that every company should use out-of-the-box products. Sure, those names on the list seem great. But it has to be, the right company that can explain to you what those companies can do for you.

You have to look at how long they have been around. I am not saying that the people on this team didn’t have some great ideas, that may have been the intention.

But the truth is, when some people get busier and busier with their business, it’s going to be a challenge for them to communicate clearly with you. And that is a fact.

The reason you hire them as a team is so they can do your job. If you decide to out-of-the-box, on the website, all you do is check the boxes. It will be difficult for them because they do not know how/ where to sell your product. You are going to have to drive people to understand everything on your website. It will be difficult for the people on the team to sell you on everything you need to sell your product.

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