One of the consequences of the rise in the number of online consumers has been a significant rise in the number of online marketers as well. Online branding is on the minds of many marketers and they do not seem to understand what it is. They seem to think it is all about posting a URL in dozens of sites and new and improved copy in the ezines.

Maybe this is part of things changing so quickly, but if an approach as simple as a life long learning curve is all you have to do it will pay off.

How to make Online Branding

The concept should be to alter your position as often as possible and leave it there! It is so important! For those who like to change quickly, and the role online branding plays into this, I suggest staying in your comfort zone, do not break that position. Your comfort zone is a wonderful place to be, but it is the process of being uncomfortable that allows you to be uncomfortable.

So, here are six tips that might help with your online branding:

1. Use a personalized e-mail address: This may sound so simple, but there is one without a doubt that I cannot remember. Do not break your thumb use one that is personalized for your business.

2. Make sure your web site name is part of your domain name. If you do not have a unique web site name, then you are likely to slip in the search engines consistently and not get able to sell anything to anybody. If you have a personalized e-mail address, you can use it in part of your URL. Very important here. If your name is not unique it will probably be hard for you to be found. As for having a web site name. you don’t have to have a web site site, you can just have a web page, it does not have to be fancy, but it does need to be in HTML, with a phrase or two that relates to your big market.

3. Use your first name in your e-mail address: Any email addresses will enhance your online branding. I think you will agree that putting your first name in your e-mail can immediately show you are a real person making a real person. For this reason, I suggest creating your personalized e-mail address.

4. Using keywords in your e-mail address: Do not be scared to use keywords in your e-mail address, especially if they relate to your business. I know most people who use the same e-mail address those you send to think it is a spam mail and will not read it. This takes care of the subject and lets the customer know you are a real person sending a real email.

5. Streamline the information you send by bolding, underlining, headings, using bullet points, etc. Bolded or underlined words say you are serious about business, and this will enhance your online branding. You want the customer to believe that you have a great product that can fix their problem. For those who have designed your website, adding an About Us, the page is a good idea. This is where customers will get a good idea of who you are when they get the chance to see the site, you will then again, capitalize on your brand.

6. Have your signature available in an eye-catching font. This is where the e-mail address and the URL can help you outline a business transaction. Your signature is your call to action, and that is where you want to get the reader to take action.

Using each of these six easy steps will help you make a good online branding strategy.

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