Who are they kidding? We’re talking about marketing, and yet a whole lot of people think a lot of these terms are interchangeable.

They are right, to each other and us as well. But this is an oversimplification of a complex and multi-dimensional world. Let me explain.

Digital Marketing Explained

“Digital Marketing” is a new term for everything I just described above… but differs greatly from the other forms of marketing and the term “Internet Marketing.” Compared to traditional marketing and advertising, this is a new field. It has evolved.

To market your business on the Internet you have to be creative in getting the job done. You need to do research, test things out, evaluate the results, adjust your marketing efforts if necessary, fix what’s broken, and build on your learning and experience. This is a new industry, and for those that understand and apply these principles, business success is accomplishable, whether you’re in it for a quick increase in revenues or to establish long term relationships with your customers.

Difference between the two terms

Online marketing in contrast to print advertising is dynamic. You have to constantly seek to make your offer stand out, and the more drastic your approach is the better. Web speech is rightly direct. The Internet needs to be brief and to the point. The goal of your web campaign is to go straight to the point and make sure it speaks directly to your prospects in the very first contact, much in the way you’re speaking with your best prospects now.

You can build your online presence at an accelerated rate. Just remember everything you do today must align with these principles to be truly successful, and your programs, and your business, will be your target.

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