One obvious way to get more clients for your e-book is by simply making the e-book available online. If you feel that you have what it takes to write a good e-book, you can take advantage of this simple yet effective way of marketing your services.

You could, also, release some e-book teaser copies online so that interested people could get a glimpse of the book before they order it. Also, you could pay people who will create a website for the e-book and help them market it online. All in all, people use the internet to make some money out of something that they like. Making big bucks out of something that you plan to do only to share with others is guaranteed if you market your e-book properly.

Another good way of getting more clients for the e-book is to make it a part of the package that you are offering to people. If you just sell the e-book without adding anything extra, chances are you will only make a few bucks. It is a good idea to add some materials that can enhance the e-book’s selling power or you could just include sample copies to further ensure that you are helping people. You will need to decide for yourself what will work best for you and your e-book.

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