I was speaking with a friend who is the owner of a coffee shop in a shopping mall. When asked about his marketing strategy he said only local people come in and buy coffee. His customers are mostly staying at home moms and college students. When asked what his specific keywords are it was “hot, drunk coffee” and not many words. He said it’s a “no brainer”. That was super analyzed. We have to accept that this is a business, people make buying decisions for all manner of reasons. His sales have dropped by about 50%, and he has now started to attract people online. One word is being their keyword. I guarantee that this was a direct cause of the change. His business was just too boring.

Researching keywords

If I was going to put all of the keywords that I listed above into Google, my chosen keywords would be coffee, and “The Internet changes your life”.

You have to understand the shift that is going on in our society. More and more people are online, and they’re not from the local shopping area. They are not from their work. They are not from the telesales line that you have been calling all year. Instead, they are from cyberspace. They are from all walks of life. They are not from everywhere. They make buying decisions as though they must be at this moment in time. Not sure you like it though.

How do you take this message to your customers? How do you make your business stand out from all the other coffee shops?

So the shift that you should be asking, is either you can focus on your keywords consistently which is so important, or I don’t have to sell it to you. So you will need a few keywords here: money, coffee, hot coffee, coffee makers.

What happens when you decide to write an article about coffee and which words would you use? Which ones would you not use?

That is something else you’ll need to look into. That goes for anything that you want to write about. It’s not about SEO. It’s about being a great person who can communicate with other people.

We all are perfect in our way, and when it comes to your business, it is all about the relationships you have with people. I know that the majority of people are saying, “I already know this!” and leaving that article out because they’d like to save their time!

That’s probably a pretty valid complaint. I’m not going to do your dirty work, I know that I’m going to make more money from my downline. But at least you can learn something new. A great person can’t always do everything for you, neither can all the SEO experts.

I am giving you some simple tips to help you with your article writing. With some little thinking and instruction, you can make your article a winner.

Tips to help in content writing

1. You’re going to need a title that needs to be the absolute best keyword phrase that you can find.

2. You’re going to need to write like 300 words in the first paragraph and about 600 words in the rest of your article. This is normal. People love to read. They just want to be sure. This way your article will be picked up by editors and get your article to get picked up by the editor to send it out to the directories. Some editors spend many, many hours and days to find good keywords.

3. Write as if your article was as important to someone in the greatest place on the earth as it might be.

4. Explain what is going to happen in your life and how it will be for the person reading what you have to say. Explain things that people are unfamiliar with or that they don’t know about.

5. Contact me to have the full version of this article liberty Syndicated

All righty then. For these ideas, you need to find and put them into action. Anybody can do this. Go for it.

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