You have probably heard of the 10-YEAR-OLD-TV-TV theory. It’s where every man and his dog, (literally in this case) is owning at least one credible television.

An online entrepreneur like you probably knows his or her affiliate marketing from hundreds of email newsletters, but have you ever given any serious thought to email marketing as a means of reaching customers? Here are some of my very bad reasons why I think it’s a very solid marketing strategy for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Below is my first set of good reasons to consider email marketing when it comes to using affiliate marketing to promote your website or product.

Ten tips to consider

1. You can maintain a “top of mind” feeling even when your readers delete your email or begin to wonder what you send them in the future. It’s kind of like fishing in a pond with those plastic lures that have something on the hook that says “just one more click”. You may catch a fish, and a few may even come to eat it. But you’ll miss the fish if you forget to take it back to that pond with a hook. Email marketing is one of those places where you can send people valuable information in a casual, helpful manner. You can control when you send the email, how you promote a certain product, and even exactly what you are promoting.

2. Adding an opt-in to get someone to give you a little information is great for building your list. That little asset will be a lead, and they can become a customer later in time if you have a good relationship with them. If they like what you send them, and most importantly when you notice that you are emailing them, they will wait for you to send them an invitation. The bottom line here, and in all of your email marketing efforts, is that you want to make your relationship with your subscribers as personal as you can make it.

3. An opt-in page is where your potential customer will be transferred to when they subscribe to your email list. The other end, where your customer goes, will be your landing page.

4. If you know that your affiliate marketing efforts are providing you anything less than your expected earnings, there is plenty of room for you to make some changes. You can increase your effort, and begin to make more money.

5. Don’t send relationship information, do send offers. At the end of the day, your affiliate marketing should be all about providing value to your subscribers. You offer them a free report, a product that you use yourself, or purchased at whatever price, but make sure the landing page is specifically designed for your niche.

6. This point is the backbone of my marketing strategy when you send out an email. I have two pages on my website. I either had me ensure that my landing page appears in the header or footer of every email and or I use it as an opt-in option. Overtime (sometimes it’s hard to keep up), I add the second page to the front of my campaign. At the other end, export the especially effective email list into excel and begin to put it all together.

7. You can save all of the data you collect if you wish, but I recommend that you do not.

8. If you want to make sure that your email text is hidden and that you have the toss of affiliate marketing gold, think of how you could present the information in weekly email series, rather than letting it sit there right in the inbox. Do this, and you will find that your affiliate sales carry for you.

9. When you mail out your emails, keep in mind that the landing page is where visitors go first, and then they are taken to your main page. Whatever you do, make sure that all of your email messages have a link to your main page, so users will see more than one of them. This also applies to your auto-responders.

10. You know you make a difference, but you might not realize just how much you have the potential to make with email marketing. The upside is, you can see how fast people are responding to your emails. So if you can offer a solution to a problem that one of your prospects has described to you, during your emails you send them and encourage them to buy your product (or where they see your landing page, for that matter). You’ll make money while people are visiting your video page to watch a video of, say, why leveraging the power of your website is necessary.

Now that I have your attention, I can safely ask you why you haven’t made a recent affiliate marketing sale yet. I hope that this post has helped you to begin to see the effectiveness of email marketing for your affiliate marketing efforts.

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